Release notes

March, 27

New Now you can create a project without choosing target languages right away. Set up your project and then choose the languages you're translating it into.

March, 24

New View a list of all the devices you're logged into your account by opening Account Settings > Password & Connections > Sessions.

March, 18

New Sudo mode: Your account now has sudo-protected actions, which means that you’re asked to confirm your identity (typically with a password) for these actions. This is an additional way of securing your account. Sudo-protected actions include changing your password or email, connecting/disconnecting SSO, removing your account, and creating personal access tokens.

March, 13

New Download filtered in XLIFF: download strings from Editor that match your current filter, instead of all strings. Export strings translated or added during a specified time period, the ones with no translations, or strings matching any other filter you can apply in the Editor.

March, 04

New Auto-complete is now using Translation Memory records. While you type a translation we'll suggest how to complete your phrases with translations of the highest match. To use this feature, enable Auto-substitution in the Editor settings.

March, 02

New Skip untranslated files: you can now export only fully translated files. Otherwise, untranslated strings receive source texts in place of translations by default. This comes especially useful if you're translating your Help Center articles and some of the translations aren't stored or made in Crowdin. To enable this option go to the Project Settings.

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