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Media Contact

Iryna Bilyk,
Customer Success Manager
Email: iryna@crowdin.com

Brand name

Operating Name: Crowdin Inc.
Tagline A: Localization Management Platform
Tagline B: Collaborative Translation Tool

Adresa spoločnosti

Crowdin Inc.
Shashkevycha, 3
Ternopil, Ukraine, 46000

Company description

Crowdin is a young, fast growing IT R&D company, based in Ukraine.

Staying the one product company Crowdin strives to shake up the industry by providing new generation localization platform that actually simplifies and accelerates the translation and localization process.

Being the first online, cloud based, TMS (Translation Management System) and CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool at the same time, Crowdin continue revolutionize the translation process.

Founded in 2009 Crowdin quickly became profitable and stays privately held, self funded company. Company’s goals and improvement direction is driven not only by growing and dynamic market requirements but also by truly passionate team and desire to revolutionize.

Crowdin Fast Facts

  • Over 1 000 000 users all over the world;
  • Over 70500 projects localized successfully and the number is growing;
  • Free for Open Source: unlimited strings, projects and collaborators;
  • Partner with global companies and enterprises including Pactera, Link Translations, Babble-on, Gengo;
  • Used on daily basis as primary TMS and CAT tool by leading LSP over the globe;
  • Hosts crowdsourcing projects with over 10,000 contributors.

Trusted by

Our mission

  • is to provide valuable and innovative solution for software companies and independent developers that are dealing with localization issues;
  • is to make translation and localization as easy as possible for thousands of people;
  • is to build such a company that we ourselves would like to do business with.

Our commitment to quality and safety

  • we are committed to provide only innovative, high-quality solution;
  • we continuously improve, experiment and search for new translation technologies and approaches;
  • we implement the best localization and translation practices for the most comfortable localization workflow;
  • we claim no intellectual property rights over the resources and materials the customer upload or create at Crowdin.

Using the Crowdin Logo

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  • Use light neutral backgrounds
  • Keep the logo easily visible
  • Keep the logo sharp by choosing the right resolution
  • Do not alter the logo in any way


Crowdin Logo - Collaborative Translation Tool
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Crowdin Logo
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Crowdin Logo Black
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Crowdin Symbol - Collaborative Translation Tool
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Crowdin Symbol - Collaborative Translation Tool
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Screen shots

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Project public page

Translation progress, latest activity, open questions and discussions, manager's contacts and more.

Project settings

Detailed statistics and analysis on your project translation progress. File management, glossaries, translation memory, API configuration, language and translators management.

Translation mode

The web-based Crowdin Translator's Editor provides a full suite of easy to use tools to help translators work as efficiently as possible.

Proofreading Mode

Option of proofreading allows you to make the project qualitative and protects from imperfections. Moreover, we allow translators to choose which translation works better by providing collaborative tools like voting and collective validation.

Profil používateľa

Crowdin profile includes many key details about the member and can help them manage their own personal preferences and projects translated.


Resources page offers some additional possibilities such as: project multiply managers, translation memories control and machine translation engines activation.

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